What’s This All About?

Become Socially Savvy is the brainchild of Frankie Brooks, a social media enthusiast and marketer by trade. The social media sphere is a great place to have fun, express oneself and stay up to date with current affairs but like all things in life, people are subjected to the rules and regulations of the community they form part of. Social justice has played out in numerous forms over the past few years and it’s unlikely to let up.

Also, Clickbait, Spam and Trolls seem to be winning on the Internet. Why? Because we keep talking about how uneducated everyone is in this space and then continually fail to educate them.

When people are still sharing things like this ... it's clearly time for a change.

Spam Shares
Fake News
Click Bait

Frankie Brooks

I offer a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in both marketing (18 years) and the social media sphere (9 years) which I’d like to use to empower everyday people and the small business owner to effectively step into the digital age. More importantly, I believe our youth need to learn how to use social media responsibly, effectively and to their advantage.

Frankie Brooks

Born and bred in Joburg, I firmly planted my roots in the marketing world back in June of 1998 and never looked back, not even to watch as deadlines flew by. Instead, I started my own business, Roots SA, a fully-fledged marketing and communications agency. I have since done some strategic downsizing to a purely digital portfolio that can be serviced from just about anywhere in the world in order to pursue my passions.

My main line of work is managing websites and social media pages for companies who do not have the time, inclination, man power or know-how to do so in-house. I create and curate content as well as perform any PR functions often needed in the public domain, since this is where people come to complain, sadly, more than they compliment.